The Dyson Trust supports performances and recordings of music by Sir George Dyson as well as other Dyson-related events such as Come & Sing days, choral and/or orchestral workshops where Dyson’s music is a repertoire focus, lectures, and other informative events focusing on Dyson’s life and music.

All applications received by the Trust are considered on their merits. Grants given are, of necessity, limited by available funds.


The Trustees are keen to offer four grants of £750 towards performances of a choral and orchestral work by Sir George Dyson. The guidelines below need to be followed and the Trustees need to be satisfied as to the viability and standard of the performance. There are a number of outstanding works in this category including:

The Canterbury Pilgrims, Nebuchadnezzar, St. Paul’s Voyage to Melita, Choral Symphony, Sweet Thames Run Softly, In Honour of the City, The Blacksmiths, Quo Vadis, Hierusalem, Agincourt, Three Songs of Praise and Three Songs of Courage.


Applications will be considered at any of the meetings of the Trustees. There are normally three meetings in the year in January, May and September. Deadlines for submission are 10 January, 1 May and 1 September. 

Retrospective funding applications will not be considered.

All applications require full artistic and budgetary details including estimated income and details of other funding being sought; please ensure that the person making the application gives their name, postal address, daytime telephone number and e-mail address.

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